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A very small autobiography, Introducing myself as an optimist enthusiast, and hobbyist. I consider myself an amateur scientist,
that being self generated. My adoration is fired from within inspired by my family, friends, and close supporters, which throw
in the logs to fuel my endeavors. I have a lot of adoration for people who have a love for life.

I started reading encyclopedia britannica when I was just a child, and continued reading throughout my life... In 1983 i owned my
first personal home computer it was called the z80 wizkid mainly for children and taught myself how to program using flashcards.
moreover, around 1986, i was given a vic 20 for christmas with a collection of computer programming manuals, and taught myself
very sophisticated computer languages which incorporated a lot of complicated algorithms at a very young age. furthermore,
I joined IRC, a social network for programmers in the fall of 1995, I was just a teenager, and participated and volunteered as
an admin of windows 95 help group... in my later years i also participated in programming groups such as unix and linux platforms,
and moved up from program admin to server operator.

in the year 2017, i re-united with my fellow computer programmers, on a social network programming platform called irc. i spent
many, many years in the past volunteering as an irc operator, but in recent years... i chose to only deal with standard moderator
adminship... since i have so many projects on the go all at once. my role is fairy sophisticated such as enforce and practice
standard channel protocols, and help our programmers with computer programming problems over bash workstations, trouble-
shooting and engineering software for unix and windows operating systems. we learned so much together as a peer network,
and i had the opportunity to meet many programmers from all walks of life, way to many to mention in this short autobiography.
we are the philanthropist and we love to encourage, and inspire others with the same passion we all share together.

I am the only Man in Family History to still have all my hair at the age of forty years. I never smoked, drank or participated in mood
altering substances in my entire lifetime..... cigarettes will destroy cells prematurely making hair go white or bald... The strongest
substance i ever drank in my life is ginger root homemade tea, all natural... ... and all filtrated water. I had not watched television
in nearly thirty years... i am ahead of my time by thousands of years. i simply don't like to pollute my mind with profanity violence,
crime, or derogatory influence. i never touched pop or fast food restaurants in nearly thirty years....i think people that drink pop or
eat grease food don't metabolite their food properly and create junk in the bod, leading to self destruction.

I had never owned an active cell or mobile phone in my entire life... mobile phones in proximity to your cranium produce microwave
radiation and will turn your brain into jell-o... I am the only Man in Family History with a Genius IQ and 20/20 vision in my mid forty
years... scoring in the ratio of 240-260 supergenius mid age range iq testing. My keyboarding skills were recently tested falling into
the range of 98-130 words per minute... the last iq test i recently took by mensa 2019 scoring in the ratio's of 198-210 above and
beyond average intelligence. i started reading encyclopedia britannica at a very young age and by the time i reached sixteen years
old i was beyond, over and above doctors comprehension, and above and beyond the doctorate standards.

on my spare time, I enjoy reading the entire encyclopedia of science which includes the latest discoveries in the World Astrology,
Astronomy, Biophysics, Astrophysics, Paleontology, Anthropology, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Bioinformatics,
Microbiology, Meteorology, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Geology, Seismology, Ocean Science.

I am currently a researcher in many Scientific Fields, particularly looking into pathophysiology, pathology, in addition to biophysics
which play an important role into the scrutiny or skepticism... I consider myself a philanthropist, and have a love for life with good
aspirations for the future of longevity, and world peace.

Code Name (Will) Professor Christopher, Researcher - Scientist - Computer Technician - Computer Programmer - Philanthropist -
Writer - Mathematician - Leader of Research, Artist - Photographer - Film Producer - Chef - Animal and Nature Lover

Today is Saturday 13th of July 2024 11:56:53 AM

Professor Will Hi !! feel free to send me a message, Thanks

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