Disclaimer: i think that my old statements on psychiatry reflect how i felt about pychiatry in the past and even though i still somewhat agree doesn't mean i take these views personally. i basically throw my hands up in the air and retreat from psychiatry coercive practices. my views on psychiatry are of my own opinions and experience and they're for educational purposes only.

good day , today's diary friday - june 23rd, 2023

i could care less about following t.v fashion, or popularity, lets talk about homeless folks instead of greediness. greed is for shallow, insecure, and selfish possessive megalomaniacs. i am actually more for homeless folks... it's sad that they're damaging property, stealing, and harming people... But turdeau, chubby druggie, and the crooked government do the same very discreetly harming us and making it look as though they're trying to help... a very damaging, and false sense of hope ! turdeau robbed canadians out of trillions an trillions, and all that carbon tax money was not even used on climate control... media is bought and paid... propaganda and misleading to general civilians. same is very true with doctors, they're greedy pigs, it's all about money... I never had a health problem in my life, they fabricate them without any preliminary biological test.

The Professor Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer - Mathematician, Leader of Research, Today is Friday - June 23rd, 2023 05:00:11 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

good day, today's diary Thursday - March 30th, 2023

real folks have life skills... turdeau would call an architect to patch a hole in the dry wall, because he was raised on a silver spoon, spoon fed all his life, and does not live in reality... he's a globalist, and for the sake of future generations, your tax money is simply being incinerated... turdeau being to face, laughing at real suffering canadians. i'm so so glad i was raised below the poverty level... i actually learned something upstairs.

The Professor Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer - Mathematician, and Leader of Research, Today is Thursday - March 30th, 2023 7:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

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  • The Professor Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer - Mathematician, and Leader of Research, Today is Thursday - March 30th, 2023 7:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

    good day, today's diary Sunday - August 28th, 2022

    i never played the lotto in my entire lifetime... it's a scam !! you need to gamble a million to win a million... meaning you'll be gambling for the rest of your life... and car shows don't impress me, and all that money don't impress me... most people have been driving cars, and building houses for hundreds of years.... it takes a real man to find where the nerds are today. cars are just a piece of metal with crap technology inside... today cars are made of plastic... try raising money for veterans, people on disability, and people living on the streets... that would impress me more. thanks for listening i just had to put my two cents in there lol never needed money to attract woman as i'm a natural, being six foot four, handsome and intelligent the woman come easy to me. real folks have life skills, not born on a silver spoon where they need to hire an architect to patch a hole in the dry wall... being poor taught me something special, and i actually learned something upstairs.

    The Professor Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer - Mathematician, and Leader of Research, Today is Sunday - August 28th, 2022 03:08:11 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

    good day, today's diary monday - june 21st, 2021

    i think any quack wanting to have a discussion with me better go to school for at least thirty years. i am incredibly knowledgeable, and a very wise critic towards the area of pseudoscience...

    i also studied substantial amounts of information in the fields of psychiatry, and i've dug into this particular fraud for over thirty years.

    psychiatrist are simply not qualified physicians, and they do not do test or have any sort of biological proof to support their fraudulent claims.

    psychiatrist are followers of a pseudoscience, and follow a load of propaganda created from news advertisements that are promoted by drug companies to reap large profits.

    doctors and lawyers at one point in time use to be in it for the people, i'm talking way back previous to the 1970's, but ever since big pharma started booming into the market, power games and megalomania had become popular, and profits went above caring or compassion.

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  • Professor Will Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer Today is Monday - June 21st, 2021 7:25:07 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

    good day, today's diary thursday - april 22nd, 2021

    i worked very hard to get where i am today, but my views of success is much different from most peoples perspectives... my life does not revolve around the success of money, nice houses, or fancy cars.

    moreover, i can tell you from my experience that the success i have gained is much greater, which includes staying in school, staying educated, and physically healthy, and things like meeting groups of people with similar interest, and making healthy friendships. i think that's where i shine the most, and i'd like to share.

    i am so grateful my mom has always been there for me, and fills my days with so much joy... my mom has been helping me throughout the corona crises, and helping me around the house.

    my mom helps out such as doing groceries for me once a week, and picking up the things i need for around the house as i pay her back of course which takes a load of bricks off my shoulders.

    i am also so grateful to have really cool neighbours, a lot of them suffer from addiction and mental health, but as i gotten to know them over the years... i realized that they are really good people, and they're just trying to live a quality of life like anyone else.

    much more, i live in an environment where everyone try's to get along, and there has been a lot of mutual respect for each other throughout my apartment complex... we all have our own little space, and i'm so grateful. i have a lot of great things to say about my neighbours, and i appreciate living in my area.

    i been keeping busy, and my days are filled with so much activity that time seems to slip by so fast... sometimes i say to myself where does time go... twenty five years went by like a blink of an eye, and i'm still doing the things i enjoy the most, and i still live in the best city i love the most.

    i never once took any of what i have for granted, and i seem to carry out each day with the same passion i've always had since the beginning of time. i just want to say a couple things, thanks to all of yous who notice me, and try to make a difference, and you all know who you are,

    thank you !!

    Professor Will Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer Today is Thursday - April 22nd, 2021 4:08:11 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

    good day, today's diary wednesday - april 21st, 2021

    the days are looking brighter, and i'm loving this beautiful spring healthy weather. despite the corona restrictions and lockdowns, i'm coping incredibly well, and restricitons do not effect my lifestyle as i like to keep busy.

    i am feeling fabulous and enjoy taking my daily walks in the beautiful spring weather. i even joined a fitness program online with these lovely ladies that are from the united states, and they like to workout on webcam a few times a week at 5:30 P.M. as i just started these classes, and feel better already.

    i am deciding what kind of raspberry pi kit i want to order over amazon to help me keep busy during the corona restrictions... much more, from my understanding these raspberry pi kits everyone is talking about are mini electronic self assemblies that you can build, and plug into the pc and create your own programming code, etc !

    moreover, i want to get a small raspberry pi kit to help learn in baby steps... after all you need to learn how to crawl before you can walk, and you need to learn how to walk before you can run. i think i will have a tun of fun experimenting, and i might even do some educational youtube videos to record my performance, and keep track of my progress over the next several months.

    there has been some road bumps between some of my relationships, relating to some of my best of friends over the last little bit... i think sometimes we spend to much time together, and our relationships tend to sour that way... i decided to take sporadic time away, and work through the difficulties...

    it seems we are doing much better lately, and most of us found common ground as we've all taken quality time out to get to know each other which strengthens our friendships. we've all even managed to patch up our differences, and move upward over the last bit.

    i just want to say to all of yous who been so good to me through thick and thin... thanks for being my friend, and tolerating me and thanks for working through these rough times... it's kind of hard to forget those things, and you all make a positive impact on my life.

    i seem to find a different quality in each of yous, and i enjoy exchanging ideas each and everyday, and we really do work well together as a team. i encourage all of yous to keep up the inspiration, and to practice up-mode and stay positive each and everyday, peace, joy and happiness to all.

    Professor Will Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer Today is Wednesday - April 21st, 2021 3:25:12 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

    good day, today's diary tuesday - april 20th, 2021

    one thing i really noticed over the last year or so is the outrage people are expressing in result of the negative impact doctors, and governments are projecting, mostly pertaining to corona, and a few other important protest.

    i notice people are just, just starting to experience exactly how i felt about doctors and governments twenty five years ago, and they are expressing their frustrations in a very negative and volatile manner. myself i tend to get a bit deeper than the average vent, and i don't vent until i get all the facts.

    i would often perform thorough self appointed investigations on many topics that infected my life style, and i noticed people would be annoyed by my sporadic rants... although now people are starting to relate to my experiences, and you know i mean, for what goes around comes around !!

    moreover, throughout my entire life i've come across incredibly negative people including my parents, doctors, and nurses, etc, etc !! one thing that i recognized over the many years of interacting these types of individuals is that they are very jealous, and don't want to see me succeed or become something greater.

    i notice that these people are the ones that don't even know me such as my parents, doctors, or nurses... the same people always trying to make me doubt myself... surprise, surprise, i never doubt myself, and i never put myself down to their levels.

    furthermore, the negative people that bash others, and criticize me are the same people that are so intellectually, and emotionally low in life, and have the lowest amounts of self esteem, or issues that simply never get resolved.

    overall, i think negative and jealous people enjoy bashing and bullying others, or projecting their negativity onto the ones who have a positive outlook on life, and the people that work hard to get where they are today... whatever it is you want to achieve in life believe in yourself, and don't allow others to drag you down their shallow rabbit hole.

    Professor Will Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer Today is Tuesday - April 20th, 2021 5:03:18 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

    good day, today's diary monday - april 19th, 2021

    the mental health system is the biggest joke i've ever witnessed in my entire life... you see the facts are simple, way back before the late 1970's, doctors use to genuinely care about people, but today they're more interested in big pharma and big salaries.

    you ever notice that doctors prescribe stuff that you don't really need, and to be honest... you can simply find the items at the grocery stores to cure yourself within a short time frame. moreover, naturally without big pharma's incredibly expensive, and nasty chemicals that cause cancer, and shorten life lines.

    my guess is that there will always be people who will believe in material provided by falsely authentic looking eyecandy the government presents to the college, and mass media... furthermore, the same media that the government drowns everybody's faces with on a daily basis.

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  • Professor Will Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer Today is Monday - April 19th, 2021 3:10:09 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

    good day, today's diary saturday - april 17th, 2021

    i might do a bit of writing tonight, but not to the extent of burnout... at times my work becomes stressful from excessive stationary work. we're only human, we make mistakes, and we don't always get things right the first time... it takes practice and perseverance.

    time is special, we can't replace time, and we must use time to the best of our ability. every time you come into contact with someone... make it a habit to show someone how important they're to the world.

    life is a gift and a miracle out of no where... the universe has a special plan for each and everyone of us. my dad once told me when i was only two years old " never let anyone tell you that you can't do something, and you can be whatever you want to be in life" my dads exact words and he said it with a passion.

    Professor Will Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist - Writer Today is Saturday - April 17th, 2021 11:50:07 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

    good day, today's diary thursday- april 8th, 2021

    in todays diary, i would like to write more about my experience with psychiatrist, which has impacted my lifestyle in a very negative way...

    tonight as i was contemplating, pondering, and thinking to myself while i was doing my daily research...

    i was thinking of the many times my psychiatrist underestimated my potential, discredited my schooling and passions, and told me that my courses were not valid, because they were taken online which is not true. the psychiatrist made it look as though my career and life passion was all in my head.

    my current psychiatrist insist and continues to write negative, and false information about my current lifestyle into my hospital reports which makes me look like a crazy person in front of the board of executives, but is far from the truth.

    i am not a criminal in anyway shape or form, i had never done drugs, alcohol, not even smoked cigarettes in my entire life, and i'm not out on the streets hanging around bad crowds...

    my dad once told me when i was just two years old "never let anyone tell you that can't do something, and you can be whatever you want to be in life..." my dad said that with a passion !!

    i think psychiatrist are incredibly jealous, and they don't want to see me succeed, and psychiatrist put me in a bad light out of envy

    you want to go to class with me, you better have at least thirty years of schooling... psychiatrist or doctors are no where near being qualified to compete with me, and citizens should be outraged by the lack of empathy and compassion these quacks demonstrate.

    i will continue to chart throughout my daily experiences, or encounters. my goal is to keep tabs and to help others who may also be traumatized by psychiatrist or doctors.

    Professor Will Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist and Writer

    psychiatrist dehumanize, and forcibly denigrate peoples individual personality characteristics... psychiatrist discredit, discriminate, and make up false accusations towards vulnerable victims only to gamble and backstab peoples lives for a profitable and dirty filthy business.

    psychiatrist utilize psychologically damaging tactics such as derogatory and disrespectful slanderous commenting inorder to create a false and fixed controlive opinion towards the vulnerable. psychiatrist damage the victims reputation, or health in the name of helping them. psychiatry is not about science or medicine it's about the mighty control and the all powerful greedy and dirty profits.

    psychiatrist are classified as quack doctors and never had any sort of real credibilities... compares to a real physician that does preliminary biological test. psychiatrist are fixed on their beliefs, and very rigid and dull and they got just as much knowledge as a two page comic book.

    a psychiatrist is a psychopath !!

    pills and tranquilizers are garbage... i told the nurse they make me feel lethargic and that i'm not a horse to be doped. I sleep like a dog and the nurse told me that the drugs were suppose to help me relax. i told the nurse that it's shorter people that need to relax and short people are the firecrackers.

    that is discrimination towards my height and that tall people actually are more calm. any doctor that claims authority over another man is a psychopath. mental problems are caused by the drug schemes doctors use to psychologically brainwash their victims.

    doctors are actors... they can't cure the living and if they do they'd lose their license for exposing the profitable scheme... as a cure is a killer of profits. doctors are master manipulators persuade extortion from large corporate unions and organizations to reap large profits.

    taxpayers!! gambling peoples lives in the hands of the so called professionals. medicine was put here to exterminate the population... make profits and control the world.

    dyslexia doesn't exist, that's a fake and profitable scheme called a pseudoscience... schools get $500 dollars per month for every kid they label as disabled. psych drugs are the same as cocaine, that being in the amphetamine family, except more potent when taken by prescription.

    psychiatrist are very jealous, coercive and warmongering superficial humans, they're a disgrace and scum of the earth... psychiatrist are selfish with a load of barbaric coercive nonsense to forcibly dehumanize the vulnerable...

    veterinarians treat our dogs with more compassion and dignity than psychiatrist treat our fellow brothers and sisters.  your birth certificate makes about 10 000 a month and they give you about 1000 to scrounge and survive on... that's for pensions and disabilities.

    Professor Will Scientist - Researcher - Philanthropist and Writer